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Am I allowed to bring with me a heavy object (e.g. an aquarium, terrarium or safe)?

As a rule yes, as long as the weight does not exceed 200 kg/m2. However, approval must always be obtained from the landlord. Please notify us on the registration form if you have an aquarium, terrarium or safe. 

Tip: remember to take out insurance to protect yourself, for instance in the event of water damage. 

How can I register to view an apartment?

The viewing information and any requests to register are published with the corresponding contact details for view-ing in the online advertisement. 

How quickly does Livit decide on granting an apartment?

Applications are reviewed continuously following receipt and a decision is made as quickly as possible. You should therefore send us your application as soon as possible after viewing an apartment. For this reason an electronic application is advantageous.

I am moving as a student to Switzerland from abroad. Do I have a chance of getting an apartment?

You need an income or a guarantor domiciled in Switzerland in order to obtain an apartment. Contact us and we would be happy to support you in looking for an apartment.

Tip: enquire about the student residences offered by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the universities.

I am moving to Switzerland from abroad. What documents do I have to submit?

We need a copy of your residence permit (alien's identity card) or, if you don’t yet have one, a copy of your pass-port. When registering via our digital registration form you will be prompted to upload the corresponding docu-ments. 

I have an entry in the debt collection register. Do I have any chance at all of being able to rent an apartment?

Yes. You should go ahead and apply for your preferred apartment. As debt collection proceedings can arise for different reasons, we would be happy to review your situation.

Is keeping pets allowed in your apartments?

Small animals such as hamsters and the like can be kept without approval as long as the number of such animals remains within limits. Approval must be obtained in advance to keep other pets (cats, rabbits, dogs, fish, parrots, reptiles etc.). Please notify us on the registration form which pets you wish to bring with you.

I’m a welfare recipient. Do I still have a chance of getting an apartment?

Yes, we would be happy to support you in looking for an apartment. Please enclose your documents from the so-cial welfare office with your apartment registration. 

I’m moving alone to Switzerland from abroad but my family will join me later and also live in the same apartment. How should I proceed?

Please notify us when applying for an apartment how many persons will be moving in later. Please also notify us as soon as further persons move in. 

What is joint and several liability?

Joint and several liability means that multiple persons bear liability in equal portions but also that each individual can be held liable for the entire debt. This means that if two tenants are bound by a rental contract, they are both obliged to pay the rent but each one of them can be liable for the entire amount if the other person is no longer able to pay their share.

If you are financially unable to pay the rent alone, you can appoint a guarantor who is included in the rental con-tract even if he or she does not live in the rental property. 

What must a complete apartment application contain?

If you wish to apply for an apartment, the easiest way to do this is with our digital registration form. Contact us and let us know which apartment you are interested in. We will send you the registration possibilities. 

What options do I have for paying the security?

The standard method is by bank transfer to a savings account opened by the landlord prior to the start of the rental period. We will send you the bank transfer details following conclusion of the rental contract. If you wish to make use of guarantee insurance, you can inform us of this before the rental contract is drawn up and we will review whether this option is accepted for the property in question. 

Why do I have to disclose information about my income?

We review the ratio of the rent to your household income. The rent should not amount to more than a third of your household income. Household income is composed of the sum of all incomes of the persons living in the house-hold.

Why does Livit insist on my viewing an apartment before registering?

By viewing you can gain a better picture and review whether the apartment meets your expectations. You also gain an impression of the property and its surroundings. Once the contract is signed, it is binding. We want you to feel happy in your new home.

Why is a security/rental deposit required?

The payment of a rental deposit serves as a security for the owner of the rental property. Should any costs arise due to damages caused by the tenant or the rent not be paid, the corresponding amount can be claimed from this security. 

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