What needs to be taken into account when terminating a rental agreement? You will find answers here. 

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How must I return the apartment?

The apartment must be returned fully cleaned and as far as possible in the same condition as when it was taken over. Any modifications to the rental property (e.g. painted walls) must be returned to their original condition. 

How should I serve notice on my apartment?

Please send us signed, written notice of termination by registered mail within the notice period. Please note that the key date is the date of receipt by us and not the postmark.

I know somebody who is interested in my apartment. Can I pass my apartment on to that person?

Generally speaking, each apartment is officially advertised. If you know somebody among your circle of friends and acquaintances who is interested, you can propose them as new tenant. The application will then be reviewed by us according to the usual procedure.

I wish to move out of my apartment before the notice period expires. Can I terminate the contract early?

Termination outside the agreed notice periods is possible. It must be borne in mind here that we cannot release you from the liability of the rental agreement until you find us an acceptable and solvent new tenant and the rental contract has been signed. The new tenant must have a regular income and be able to pay the rent.

Please note that any additional costs incurred in connection with termination at short notice, such as additional advertising costs, will be billed to you. 

I’ve served notice on my apartment. How will apartment viewing be organised and which contact details will be disclosed?

You will be contacted by us to arrange one or more viewing appointments. We will also seek your consent to pass on your contact details to interested parties registering to view the apartment.

When can I serve notice on my apartment?

Notice dates and periods are agreed individually. Please check your rental agreement.

When must I return the apartment?

The apartment must have been handed over by 12 noon on the day following the expiry of the rental agreement. However, the date and time are agreed individually with the previous and new tenants.

Why am I not repaid the entire rental deposit?

Any costs for the repair of faults or replacement of missing parts are noted in the apartment handover certificate. Further reasons can be outstanding rent payments or a retroactive charge for ancillary costs.

Why is the rental deposit not repaid to me immediately?

The rental deposit is reimbursed once all costs incurred during the rental period have been settled. If repayment is delayed, various costs will not yet have been clarified and/or settled. In most cases this applies to supplier costs for the repair of damages discovered when the apartment is handed over, or an outstanding ancillary costs statement.

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