Top jobs for top people


Livit fosters a culture of appreciation

When working at Livit, you should be able to sense every day that you are in good hands in a pleasant and stable environment. We foster intercultural exchange throughout Switzerland, master major challenges as a team and also make a point of celebrating them. By working for us, you belong to the Livit family and are valued for what you are and what you do. 

The real estate sector is changing – and so are we
The trends and developments in society and technological advances are changing the requirements for residential property and commercial premises. Our work processes are also undergoing constant change, which calls for the collaboration of competent professionals receptive to change. Livit as a modern employer supports new working models that facilitate greater flexibility while at the same time entailing more individual responsibility. Open-minded and committed employees with a broad horizon are required for us jointly to seize the exciting developments as an opportunity.

Top jobs for top people
For us, this is more than a mere slogan. We expect a lot and offer a lot because we need the best people and can provide them with a suitable environment. We support you in your career, accompany you into the future and continuously offer you the opportunity to develop further. With us you can become more professional, more successful and happier! It is a good feeling to be working for the number one, so start looking forward today!

«Our employees with their knowledge, skills and motivation form the core of Livit's success. We therefore support them – in both their own and the company's interest. We promote a performance-oriented culture and a profit-oriented team spirit.»
Beatrice Lifart
Head of Human Resources