Unique in Switzerland: the Livit Academy

Our strategy is to concentrate on our core business – property management, property-related fiduciary services, lettings management and facility management – and we are specialists in these fields. 

Expert status comes with an obligation: Those wishing to remain successful in the market need to keep improving. 
Our company and the real estate sector are changing constantly. New market conditions, laws, norms, trends and requirements call for new knowledge. That is why we have the Livit Academy where we offer a range of internal training courses. The courses are geared towards further developing the technical, methodological and social skills of our employees and keeping them fully up to date with regard to current trends, techniques and regulations.  

Customer orientation as the cornerstone
As a service provider, we focus our work specifically on the satisfaction of our customers. Our employees are in daily contact with owners and tenants. The Livit Academy trains our employees not only technically and methodologically, but also in terms of customer orientation in order to provide the best possible service, as we are only satisfied when our customers are happy.

Always at the cutting edge
The basic concept behind the Livit Academy as the key to success is to provide comprehensive training in the areas of real estate management, business administration and leadership. We offer our employees the opportunity to develop in both a generalist and specialised environment. Whether you already have experience and specialist knowledge or are just embarking on your professional career, Livit offers you new opportunities. 

Over 150 courses and events take place each year at the Livit Academy in classes and as e-learning, with more than 1200 participants receiving basic and advanced training in a range of different areas.