Unique in Switzerland: the Livit Academy

Our strategy is to concentrate on our core business – property management, property-related fiduciary services, lettings management and facility management – and we are specialists in these fields. 

Expert status comes with an obligation: Those wishing to remain successful in the market need to keep in improving. 

Times are changing. New market conditions, new laws, regulations, trends and requirements are calling for new knowledge, and this is particularly the case in the world of real estate. That is why we have the Livit Academy for our employees. And perhaps soon for our clients as well. Here we keep ourselves up to date and find out about current trends, technologies and regulations.

Continuously up to date

The basic concept behind the Livit Academy as the key to success is to provide comprehensive training in the areas of real estate management, business administration and leadership. We offered talented and motivated employees the opportunity to deliver work of outstanding quality in both a generalist and specialised environment and to advance their careers, the development of which they manage themselves. Whether you already have experience and specialist knowledge or are just embarking on your professional career, Livit offers you new opportunities. Over 150 courses are held at the Livit Academy each year at which more than 1200 participants receive basic and advanced training in a range of different areas.