We bring ideas and enthusiasm to the rental market.


Livit provides sound advice: location, market and property analyses

We have an overview of the market situation, we know the latest housing trends and developments and the latest working and workplace models in office and commercial construction. That is why we are in a strong position to advise you on all rental issues and we can offer you a precise basis on which to make decisions. We analyse the initial situation with you and set milestones. On this basis we develop the marketing and communication strategies and activate the Livit network so we can reach tenants in an efficient way through coordinated means of integrated communication.

Soft facts, hard facts
Like seismographers, our account managers register movements, trends and market developments in the daily business. Those are the soft facts to which we add the hard facts: the latest statistical and analysis tools to provide an independent and neutral assessment. We provide you with a sound basis on which to make your decisions. We identify potential and develop customised solutions to exploit this potential.