Successfully positioning real estate.

First-time rental

Successful first-time rental starts with the construction concept

Whether for living, working or manufacturing: the key factor for first-time rental is timing. The earlier you know for whom a property is intended, who could be interested in it and who you would like to have as a tenant, the faster and more efficiently you will achieve your goal. 

Viable rental solutions
However, as every property does not stand alone but is part of a complex economic and social setting, it helps to see the initial letting as part of a bigger picture. We are here to help you do that. We know what's going on. We know the regional markets and local situation. We have the right instruments and can develop clear strategies and letting solutions sustainable  for the long term.

Standards for the future
The quality of the initial letting sets the standard for the future of a property. We have the ideas, tools and, most important of all: the right people with the right knowledge.