Special tenant management

Deployment and advantages of special tenant management

Many properties have aged and need to be renovated, modernised, converted or consolidated. Complete refurbishments can typically only be carried out when properties are vacant. This means giving notice to tenants who may have been in the property for a very long time and who have developed an emotional attachment to their home. As a rule, this is no easy matter. With special tenant management we ensure the different interests and needs of tenants and lessors are met to the satisfaction of both parties and arrange for interim solutions acceptable to everyone.  

The advantages are obvious:

For tenants

  • personal delivery of notice
  • transparent communication concerning the building project
  • active support in finding an apartment
  • preferred access to available Livit apartments

For property owners

  • timely project implementation
  • central organisation from one source
  • transparent communication
  • avoidance of communication errors
  • happy, loyal tenants
  • good for proprietor's image


    Special tenant management from Livit will stand you in good stead: economically, logistically, socially and technologically.