Special rental

Vacancy is to be avoided

Special rental of properties that are difficult to rent out and special tenant management for full renovations count among our particular strengths. There are good reasons for that: 

  • A network with a local presence throughout Switzerland
  • Prudence and respect in our relationships with proprietors, lessees, authorities and institutions
  • Over 50 years' experience
  • Over 50 years' quantifiable success

When you want to inject new life into disused property which no-one wants to rent, we have an extensive, networked team to develop a precise concept and identify ways to eliminate vacancies. That applies just as much to vacant residential property in agglomerations as to office and commercial space in Swiss conurbations. Although this is where supply far outstrips demand, we see it more as an opportunity than a problem. So come to us. We have the ideas, relationships, experience and experts who relish such challenges.