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GRESB tenant survey

For us, being close to the customer also means determining how satisfied tenants are, analysing this and using the findings to develop targeted measures. We deliberately implement measures that actively support the development of our sustainability strategy and, in doing so, concentrate fully on the environmental, economic and social aspects. For the latter, Livit joined forced with Swiss Life, UBS and the LINK market research institute to develop a standard tenant survey with a dynamic analysis platform for the Swiss tenant market.

Scope of the tenant survey

The tenant survey is fine-tuned according to the owner’s needs. We consider residential properties from all regions across Switzerland. The satisfaction level for property management, property maintenance, accommodation, comfort, garden/surroundings and value for money is analysed. The findings help us to consolidate the quality of service, to improve tenant relations and to reduce the number of vacancies in the long term thanks to a higher level of tenant satisfaction.

Reaction management

The survey results are displayed clearly on an internal online dashboard. The user-friendly platform simplifies and speeds up tremendously the processing of tenant feedback. For this purpose, the property manager creates the respective measure and categorises it by type, e.g. ‘Maintenance’ or ‘Investment’. Thanks to an integrated alert tool, all of the tasks are prioritised, scheduled and completed in due time. The asset managers have access to the current status at all times, which gives them an overview of all the information relevant to them.

How do owners benefit from this tenant survey?

Property portfolios can only be compared to a limited extent at global level due to market-specific differences. A major benefit of the survey is the standardised questionnaire, thanks to which the results can be compared in a Switzerland-wide benchmark. The investors can see how their housing stock is performing compared to the portfolios of other providers. Property managers, on the other hand, can see whether they are performing better or worse than competitors – and, in the case of the latter, take countermeasures. 
The benchmarks are determined from the sum of all respondents – regardless of the property management company. In order to strengthen the informative value of the local benchmark, we recommend the participation of additional institutional investors and real-estate service providers. This allows us to acquire more information together and lend more weight to the national performance comparison. Our product is aimed at all investors, regardless of whether Livit manages the portfolio or not.

GRESB and the tenant survey allow us to compare how well we are positioned compared to our competitors.

Marcel Schmitt, Swiss Life Asset Managers

What are the benefits of the survey for GRESB members?

GRESB is a global sustainability benchmark and an important indicator of sustainability performance in real estate management. Through the GRESB scoring system, members receive an assessment of their current positioning in the core environmental, social and corporate governance aspects, and are benchmarked against their competitors. The tenant survey is an important part of the GRESB score, accounting for 23.8%.
The results of the GRESB ratings allow you to provide your stakeholders with better reporting and to highlight your own approach to sustainability in a more targeted manner. With membership, you and other companies promote transparency, comparability and standardisation in sustainability reporting.

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