Increased efficiency thanks to the digital rental process

Before the introduction of the digital letting process, the time span between receiving notice from the current tenant and receiving the signed contract from the new tenant was four weeks. Applying for an apartment was particularly time-consuming.

The tenant had to

  • fill in the form,
  • organize debt enforcement information,
  • and send it to Livit by post.

At least four days had to be expected for this. Livit then obtained credit checks, which could take up to a further three days. 


Time savings thanks to the digital rental process

The introduction of the digital rental process let us reduce these seven days to just one day. The potential tenant now fills out the application form online, having already received the link by email prior to the viewing.

The new process eliminates the need for debt enforcement information, sending documents by post, and credit checks, because the application form is imported directly into our system and the credit check runs automatically at the same time.
Thanks to further efficient steps, the digital rental process has halved the time it takes us to find new tenants. 


The myLivit tenant portal makes the rental process even more efficient

Livit launched the “myLivit” app in October, 2020. It replaces the last step in the current rental process – sending, signing, and returning the contract – and shortens the rental process to a quarter of the original time. Thanks to the app, it now only takes one week instead of four to re-let a property – with the exception of viewings.

We are able to get it done in such a short time because tenants can now view the contract directly in the myLivit app and sign it by "swiping". We receive the contract signed by the tenant after just half an hour – instead of at least seven days as was previously the case. 

myLivit – for after the contract has been signed too!

Signing contracts is not the only feature of the app – it also represents an extension of the digital rental process. In other words, tasks that take place after the signing can also be carried out in the app – from ordering name badges to sending the list of defects to reporting damage during the tenancy. 


Owners and tenants benefit equally

As the owner, you benefit from letting the property faster, which also reduces the vacancy rate.

Since introducing the digital letting process, Livit has halved the vacancy rate.

Livit tenants are enthusiastic about the lower administrative burden and the fast response time. And enthusiastic tenants are long-term tenants. And that makes you as the owner and us as the manager happy. 

Want to know more?

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