The residential needs check - what makes a property attractive in 20 figures

Location, location, location - but what exactly makes a good location?

Tenants' needs are as diverse as their lives. While parents of children pay close attention to proximity to schools and daycare centers, these criteria are irrelevant for others. "A good location" is therefore not a universal value, but rather lies in the eye of the beholder - or future tenant. 


Five categories with 4 parameters each

Livit has defined 20 parameters that experience shows tenants pay special attention to and grouped them into five categories.

These are: accessibility of shops and services, accessibility of jobs, proximity to nature, quiet residential area, and infrastructure for families. 

The address of your property is all we need for Livit to assign a value from 1 (very poor) to 10 (very good) for each of these 20 parameters. The property is not evaluated in absolute terms, but in relation to all other properties within the same district. This is because people looking for accommodation usually limit their search to a few municipalities. 

Shops & service infrastructure

The shops and service infrastructure category includes parameters relating to proximity to places important for daily life, such as local shops within walking distance, as well as health facilities such as doctors and pharmacies, restaurants, and the density of services in general. 
A potential target group are, for example, tenants who do not have their own car. 

Quiet residential area

The quiet residential area category relates to traffic noise, i.e. road and railway noise. Within these two parameters, Livit further differentiates whether the noise occurs during the day or at night.

For example, a working person who does not work from home won't be bothered by noise during the day, while this can be an essential criterion for people who work night shifts.


The parameters of the accessibility category are particularly relevant for working people who (have to) commute to their place of work. 
However, even for retired people, individual parameters such as public transport connections or the travel time to the nearest major center by public transport can be relevant criteria when choosing an apartment. 

Green living spaces

The Green Living Spaces category contains various parameters relating to the distance to green spaces; in towns and cities these are usually parks, while in rural areas, proximity to a lake or a river can be an important criterion in choosing a home for certain people. 
If your property has good values in this category, you can indicate this as an asset in the advert and thus appeal to the "right" tenants. 

Family infrastructure

When it comes to the family infrastructure parameters, the target group is very clearly defined. By displaying these values in a way that is eye-catching and easy to see, you make it obvious to families that your property is right for them and you will receive a correspondingly large number of applications.

Cost of the residential needs check

For CHF 79.00, you will receive the residential needs check analysis of your property from us. All we need for this is the address of the property.

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