Building analysis

The Livit building analysis delivers facts

A building analysis is an extremely interesting affair. It offers an unimpeded view of the condition of the property itself and its position within the context of economic and social trends.

It first of all addresses the property itself with its substance: Which measures are necessary? Which are desirable? What makes economic sense? The building analysis provides an answer to these questions.

It secondly addresses the direct context of the property: a property never just stands by itself. This fact exerts a significant influence on the purpose and use of a property. What is its current use? Is it still up-to-date? What influence is exerted by the immediate and wider surroundings? How important are the transport connections? The building analysis delivers facts.

Thirdly, it addresses the broader context of the property: How does it stand in the market? How much is it in tune with the times? Where does it stand in the context of social trends: digitalisation, individualisation, urbanisation, knowledge society, silver society, new work? How do these factors influence its utilisation potential and what measures can be derived from this? What does the property-specific utilisation forecast look like and what is its significance, for instance, for the layout and design of the interior and the technical, energy and information technology infrastructure? The building analysis delivers decision-making criteria.


The quality of the building analysis results from the interconnected services of Livit. Property managementrental management and facility management work hand-in-hand with property-related fiduciary services. Lettings management delivers market data and forecasts concerning potential and opportunities, facility management provides information about maintenance and current requirements and property management about commercial aspects. Thanks to this systematic and integrated approach, the building analysis of Livit construction management is an indispensable tool for investment planning to achieve sustainable returns.

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