Building analysis

Livit building analysis delivers facts that are structured, comprehensive and data-driven.

Regularly commissioning a comprehensive building analysis is a sensible move in order to identify any necessary repairs in plenty of time, thereby maintaining the value of your property and avoiding a backlog of repair jobs. It also forms the basis of an ongoing feasibility assessment that aims to work out the potential of your property and increase its value. 

The building analysis provided by Livit identifies any restoration and repair requirements at an early stage – after all, properties have a certain lifecycle. Their structural components age at different rates depending on their quality, function, exposure and maintenance. It’s therefore important for the longevity of these components to have an overview of when any action is required in order to avoid constant, haphazard patch-up repairs and a drop in value. It must be possible to plan renovations financially and proactively. This is where we’re happy to help. 

How building analysis works
Building analysis starts with an on-site inspection carried out by our building specialists. This records the age, construction and condition of structural components, and establishes their remaining life span and likelihood of failure. If the situation requires it, we recommend bringing in experts – for example for probing, structural checks or for clarification on harmful substances. We use this as the basis for short-, medium- and long-term renovation recommendations. You will receive an extensive report on measures, repair timeframes and financial implications – tailored to your property strategy. 

Digitalisation in construction management
Our specialists collect data in a systematic, structured and digital way on site using a tool developed specifically for this purpose. During the inspection of properties, the app makes it possible to quickly and thoroughly record all of the important features such as condition, standard, materials and photos. That means we’re able to ensure a consistent level of quality and appraisal. The applications used and their extensive data models support us in collecting, aggregating and evaluating property and portfolio data, and in strategic planning, suggested actions and cost calculations. The conclusions are discussed with you, checked for plausibility, customised and transferred to your systems as data, depending on your technological requirements.


Benefits for you

With Livit construction management, you can rely on many years of construction experience and a focus on maintenance and renovation. Our employees are qualified in a wide range of areas, from planning and implementation to other specialist topics. We understand your needs as owners and those of your tenants, but most of all, we know which measures are necessary when in order to maintain the value of your property. You benefit from the collaboration between our property management, construction management, rental management and facility management services.
Our building analysis provides you with a comprehensive foundation on which to base well-founded decisions.

Your advisory team
Construction management is available across Switzerland, with eight branches in three language regions and 40 qualified construction specialists. That means we’re able to ensure regional market knowledge and a consistent national standard and quality promise.

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