Are you planning a move?

We’ll support you with your change of residence

Are you looking forward to your new flat and to furnishing home sweet home just the way you like it? To ensure that everything runs smoothly during the move, we can also support you during this phase – from preparations to the day of moving and up until after you have moved into your new home. 

The ultimate checklist

Your move already begins as soon as your landlord receives notice from you. This also marks the beginning of organising the individual steps. We have compiled all the important tasks and steps for you. This way, you are best prepared and nothing can stand in the way of a stress-free move, including handing over your flat.

Change of residence with just a few clicks

The administrative to-dos also include changing your address with the current municipality of residence. Until now, you had to deregister or register at both places of residence. You can now complete this task electronically with eUmzugCH. You can find out when and how to deregister with the municipality here.

Tips and tricks

Start by clearing out and disposing of your belongings before you start packing the moving boxes. You can find out the best way to proceed in our Moving tips. Any removalists should also be booked in good time and thanked afterwards with a meal. Read our Recipe ideas.

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