E-mobility at home

Request a charging station for your electric car

The number of hybrid and electric vehicles in Switzerland is on the rise. Do you own a vehicle that runs on electricity? Are you considering buying one, but don’t have a charging connection at home? 

There’s no doubt – charging at home is more convenient than relying on public charging stations. It means, for instance, that you can plug in your vehicle in the evening and charge it overnight. 

We support e-mobility and we would be happy to discuss the feasibility of installing a charging station with the owner of the property.

Frequently asked questions

Please send us your application using the contact form or via email to service@livit.ch. We will be happy to check whether a charging station can be installed and if so, when. 

If there is no charging infrastructure in your property yet, various factors determine whether the request will be approved and a charging station can be installed. Factors such as available space, power supply capacity, complexity and cost of installation are all key.

If there are already charging stations in the parking garage, it’s usually easy to expand the installation. But in some circumstances, you may need to change your parking space.

If charging infrastructure is approved, the next steps are planning and implementation. The entire process usually takes two to three months. However, it can also take longer, depending on delivery times and the availability of tradespeople.  

The process of adding an extra charging station onto an existing installation takes around three to four weeks. However, it can also take longer, depending on delivery times and the availability of tradespeople.

The rent for a parking space with a charging station is somewhat higher than the standard rent. You will of course receive a cost estimate before you conclude the contract.

For most charging stations, we work with the billing service provider swisscharge.ch. You pay the costs of electricity consumption plus a monthly operating fee of CHF 7.45 (including VAT) straight to swisscharge.ch. You can also use the entire public charging network operated by swisscharge.ch and its roaming partners.

Further benefits with swisscharge.ch:

  • Access your personal e-charging station and the public charging network in Switzerland and throughout Europe via app
  • Start and stop the charging process flexibly using an app, charging card or SwissPass
  • Expert contact for any queries, malfunctions or problems, plus an in-app reporting function
  • Telephone hotline for urgent issues during office hours
  • Clear billing for all charging processes
  • Transparent viewing and debiting of costs from your saved credit card

The electricity tariff for charging is based on the costs billed by the power supplier. Electricity tariffs for charging usually range from 20 to 45 cents per kWh, but can also be higher or lower than that depending on the local power supplier’s tariff model.

Once you have a parking space with a charging station, you can view the tariff that applies to your location in the swisscharge.ch app. The electricity tariff is usually updated annually.

E-charging station request