What we want

To convince and inspire

We wish to achieve quality leadership in Swiss real estate management. We want our services to be strong enough to convince in every respect – economically, culturally and emotionally. We aim to generate added value that exceeds what is required. We wish to be the best Swiss real estate company in terms of services and social responsibility and as an employer.

We wish to continually inspire our clients – with good ideas, creative thinking and unexpected solutions.


Customer orientation

As the client, you are the focus of our activities

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, we are committed to ensuring that you as our client receive more from us than you expected – more quality of life for tenants, long-term prospects for owners.

As the majority of large owners do not have their core business in real estate management, the partial or total outsourcing of operational real estate management offers an efficient, economic and lucrative alternative. The aim here is to generate sustained added value by collaborating with a company that has real estate management as its core business.

Successful real estate management in the interests of the owners is inextricably linked to the quality of tenant support. We not only let residential and commercial properties successfully but also support our tenants throughout the entire cycle. Satisfied tenants lead to long-term rental agreements and make a significant contribution to success.

Quality and continuity
Our market segment often involves long-term engagements for which quality requires continuity. This is something we have offered you for more than 60 years. You are at the focus of our activities. And to ensure this does not remain an empty promise, we also link customer orientation with employee orientation as it is our employees who bring to life our customer-focused services and implement customer orientation.

Employee orientation

As an employee, you are the focus of our activities

With us you can not only expect a really good job but also a really good team. By working for us, you belong to the Livit family and are valued for what you are and what you do.

We are committed to quality and aim to be the best for our clients.

We are fully aware that our success is not only the result of products, methods or technologies but is largely derived from people. Our employees are our most valuable asset. They are our opportunity and our future and that is why they are the focus of our activities.

We are committed to ensuring that you feel completely at home with us. We offer high-quality working materials, training and skills that enable you to implement the idea of customer orientation. You receive recognition and appreciation for what you achieve. What you need to bring along is motivation and an enjoyment of success.

Our commitment to sustainability

Action, not words

Committing to sustainability means taking responsibility and taking account of interactions between environmental, economic and social factors in all decision-making processes. As a real estate management company, we are particularly aware of this responsibility, as the construction and use of property involves high consumption of energy and resources. 

In terms of sustainable property management, we apply ESG criteria (Environment, Social, Governance) to the properties we manage, in line with industry standards. Depending on our clients’ needs, we develop new services and enhance and modify these to improve their sustainability performance, and offer support with the implementation of innovative sustainability concepts. Examples include charging stations for electric cars, the inclusion of green lease clauses in tenancy agreements and the provision of energy consumption data for reporting and activities related to the GRESB rating.

Overview of our sustainability services

We help tenants in our properties to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, we provide information on various channels about how to save energy, reduce and sort waste for recycling, and offer tips on proper ventilation, etc. In many properties, our heating and water bills are based on actual consumption, therefore providing an incentive to save resources.

As a company, we continuously optimise the way we work and our consumption of energy, water and other resources, as well as reduce and sort waste on our premises. This reduces the impact of our business activities on the environment.

We optimise our work processes with a view to sustainability. Our high level of digitalisation means that we have already reduced our paper consumption to a minimum, for example. Digital apartment inspections and applications, electronic storage of all files related to properties and leases, and the myLivit tenant portal are just a few examples of our digital tools and processes.

We also attach importance to sustainable mobility, which is why our employees can enjoy discounted public transport season tickets and our vehicle fleet has been 100% hybrid since 2022. 

Our company is a reliable and fair business partner and employer. Our business activities enable us to generate reasonable returns, secure our long-term future and make a commitment to sustainability.

Our commitment to sustainability relates to the following Sustainable Development Goals: