Digitization – people are the priority

Digitization is not in opposition to personal contact – in fact, they go hand in hand.

Livit's recipe for success is not to undertake digitization for the sake of digitization. Rather, the focus is on creating added value and win-win situations for owners, tenants, and suppliers, as well as for Livit itself. If our employees are also relieved of repetitive tasks that offer no added value, they have more capacity to provide personal support and look after your property.

Our tools for the optimal rental of your property

The Rent Calibrator: comprehensive rent calculation

Often the location of a property is used above all to determine the rent, but the features of the apartment’s floor plan are frequently not taken into account.

With the Rent Calibrator, such important features are automatically taken into account.

Greater efficiency thanks to the digital rental process

Thanks to the digital application process and automated credit check, Livit has been able to reduce the period between receiving notice from a tenant and receiving a signed contract from the new tenant several times over. 

Quality assurance thanks to the advert check

The Livit advert check analyzes all vacant apartments without new tenants and ensures that the apartment adverts are regularly updated and optimized.

The easy-to-understand dashboard shows which sales measures should be supplemented in order to present the rental properties convincingly. 

Nachfrage Score Beispiel

The Demand Score: the optimal marketing mix

The Livit demand score determines the ideal marketing mix for your property. 

Livit calculates the expected demand as the basis for making the best use of funds. The goal is to let your property as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 


Virtual Promoter

Interactive marketing with the Virtual Promoter

Surprising, effective, innovative - the Virtual Promoter is an interactive marketing display that provides prospective tenants with information about your rental properties around the clock.

All with a personal touch, despite being digital!


The residential needs check - 20 important factors

Factors such as public transport connections, green spaces, or the proximity to infrastructure such as schools etc. are relevant for tenants' decisions. Often, one or two of the most relevant factors are mentioned in the text of the advert. However, potential tenants don’t get an objective overview of the 20 most important factors. 

Digitalisation in construction management

The building analysis provided by Livit identifies any restoration and repair requirements at an early stage – after all, properties have a certain lifecycle. Data is being collected in a systematic, structured and digital way on site using a tool developed specifically for this purpose. That means we’re able to ensure a consistent level of quality and appraisal.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about these and other digitization tools from Livit or if you have any questions, simply leave us your contact details.

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