Frequently asked questions

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If a property is still occupied, the viewings will be arranged with the previous tenants, which means it may also be possible to arrange them for weekends. However, if a property is empty, we are only able to offer viewings on weekdays.

If you have already paid a deposit, you will be able to arrange this with the property’s manager and, where applicable, the previous tenant. Many of our properties also come with detailed floor plans, which we will also be happy to pass on to you in these cases. To request a floor plan, please email us at with details of your future property’s address.

In the past, the TV cable connection fee used to be included in the ancillary costs. These days, this fee is often included in tenants’ phone contracts. Please let us know if your TV cable connection fee is included in your phone contract to avoid being charged twice.

The purpose of the house rules is to keep the property safe, clean and tidy and to make sure residents are considerate towards each other. For these reasons, it is important that everyone observes the house rules out of respect for one another.

When a number of people live close together, it is very important for people to be considerate and tolerant towards each other. The first thing to do is always to talk directly to your neighbour. You could, for example, ask them to turn down their music.

If talking to them doesn't produce a change, please notify us of your concerns in writing. In that case, we will work to achieve a mutually acceptable solution.

Residents do indeed often store objects in stairwells or by their front doors, such as shoes, pushchairs or toys. However, all of these items really belong inside the apartment. This is due to the safety rules set out in the Swiss fire protection regulations. Under these regulations, it has to be possible to use stairwells as emergency exits and escape routes. They consequently have be kept clear and safe and must not be used for any purposes other than to access the apartments. Please notify us at if there are items being stored in the stairwell of your property.

After you moved in, we will have emailed you the property handover checklist. The items on the checklist are intended as guidance for reporting any defects. If you identify any other defects in the property, please report them to us within 14 days by directly responding to this email.

Rent reductions granted because of a defect or damage are governed by Swiss tenancy law. Please note that such claims commence from the date the landlord becomes aware of the defect. Hence, please notify us of any defects and damage without delay at and include your address.

You can notify us of any defects in a new-build property in writing within 14 days of moving in. If you discover any other defects or damage after this period has passed, please always report them to us immediately at and include your address.

Please contact us at Your repair order will then be allocated to the caretaker or appropriate supplier.