Fake property listings

Found a great property that’s also really cheap? 

If an offer sounds too good to be true, it often is. Fraudsters’ scams are becoming ever more sophisticated. However, there are signs that betray a fraudulent listing. 

Indication 1

Generally too good to be true

A 90-square-metre, 3.5-room apartment in Zurich available to rent for CHF 1,500 per month? If the combination of size, location, amenities and rent sounds like a bargain, you need to be cautious. Look for similar listings to get a feel for market rates. If your dream home diverges significantly from the norm, there is a high risk of attempted fraud.  

Indication 2

The landlord demands an advance payment

If the landlord asks for an advance payment in any form, you should not accept. A common trick is when the landlord cannot conduct an apartment viewing because they claim they are out of the country. Instead, they demand payment of a deposit to send you the key.  

Check the listing on Livit’s website 

Private individuals cannot list properties on Livit’s website: it only lists Livit properties, which are verified. If you come across a suspicious listing on a real estate portal where Livit is listed as the management company, check to see whether the listing also appears on our rentals page

Have you been the victim of fraud, despite exercising caution? 

Collect all the information (emails, payment receipts, etc.) and file a complaint with the police. 

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