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Got questions about the reference interest rate? 

We’re currently receiving a very high volume of enquiries regarding the reference interest rate. We ask for your understanding and patience if it takes longer to respond to inquiries. 

We have put together the most important information for you so your questions can be answered as best possible. 

Livit – your preferred partner for real estate management

We are committed to supporting property owners and tenants. As an innovation leader in our sector, we develop forward-looking services that focus on maintaining the value of properties and our customers’ quality of life.

Our customers can access our wide range of services through any of our nine Swiss offices, through which we provide personal and local support.

Between us, we’ll find the right property for you.

Amazing jobs for amazing people

You are an amazing person: there’s no one else with your exact personal experience and unique character. And that’s precisely why Livit values you and gives you individual support. Do you want to put your heart and soul into making the most of your qualities and really make a difference in a future-focused organisation? We have amazing jobs for amazing people!