Special tenant management: termination of residential and commercial leases

Sometimes it just can't be avoided: when a property is renovated or refurbished, it’s necessary to give tenants notice. This process is difficult for all involved, and has its emotional aspects. This is exactly where our special tenant management comes in. We support tenants with expertise, transparency and sensitivity.

Special tenant management in delicate situations

Prudent use of resources, statutory requirements, land and investments demand that properties that are showing their age be renovated, modernised, repurposed or consolidated. And full redevelopment can often only be carried out on properties that are unoccupied. As the property owner in such cases you often also need to give notice to tenants, who, in some cases, have lived in the property for a very long time and have strong emotional ties to their homes.

Specific and sensitive support

That is exactly why Livit created the special tenant management service. It is delivered by specialist professionals with highly developed social skills. They use sensitivity to develop solutions that take into account the tenants’ and landlords’ differing interests and needs and are as acceptable as possible to both parties. In particular, we provide targeted support to tenants in the search for a new apartment, identify alternatives and give priority to those affected.

Special tenant management benefits both parties:


  • We take tenants’ worries and concerns seriously
  • We communicate openly about plans for building works
  • We provide active support in the search for an apartment
  • We give them priority for Livit apartments available to rent
  • We provide long notice periods
  • We release tenants early from their rental contracts in the case of succession arrangements

Property owners:

  • On-schedule project implementation
  • Central organisation from a single source
  • Transparent communication
  • Avoidance of communication errors
  • Image cultivation


Livit’s special tenant management service finds solutions to a difficult issue and minimises conflict for all parties – commercially, logistically and on a personal level.

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