Retail Centre of Excellence

Online shopping and working from home are changing consumer behaviour, and thereby the usage of retail spaces, more quickly than we thought. As a property owner, you could potentially face premises remaining vacant over the short or medium term, and the challenge of safeguarding the long-term return on your property investment. For coveted ‘A’ spaces, you should ideally be able to secure a seamless transition to a new lease. Where this is not possible, however, you’ll need specialists who are familiar with the solutions that will keep your properties from staying vacant.

Livit reacted promptly to the current situation and has established its own Retail Centre of Excellence specifically for this purpose. As experienced marketers and managers of properties used for commercial purposes, we know which methods to use to prevent your properties from sitting vacant, and how to capitalise on existing initial leases.

Livit and the Glatt Shopping Centre – an unbeatable Retail Centre of Excellence

We combine our strengths in rental management with centre management knowledge from the shopping centre with the highest turnover in Switzerland: Glatt. Glatt was incorporated into the Swiss Life Group in 2020, a Group to which Livit also belongs. This has enabled us to extend our valuable network to include potential Swiss and international tenants. Whether you run a trendy food establishment, a high-class beauty salon or a dynamic sportswear chain, we know all the approaches that will hit home and can give you access to a diversified mix of tenants and sectors.


Repurposing and rethinking are the order of the day for our agile specialists at the Retail Centre of Excellence. We approach the task of reducing vacant properties analytically and strategically. The term ‘vacant property’ means much more to us than just ‘available space’, so we devise new conceptual ideas and create the most profitable proposal for your site.

You can rely on our in-depth experience developed over countless collaborations. Our success extends beyond the highly prized spaces in city centres or shopping centres with a lot of pedestrian traffic. We also know how to make effective use of spaces that are challenging to rent out and use.

«Your venture is in the right hands. Together with our team of marketing specialists, we have already successfully completed over 130 retail projects, and we’ll find the right tenants for your space as well.»

Rageth Clavadetscher
CEO Glatt

We tailor our services to suit your specific requirements: 

  • Site analysis and development, calculation of the current rental price 
  • Development of alternative concepts for spaces that are difficult to rent out
  • Examples of vacant spaces, pop-up concepts, short-term leases and interim uses
  • Professional marketing of the property 
  • Visits for potential tenants
  • Selection of potential tenants, followed by signing of the lease
  • Contractual negotiations for existing leases

Is there a potential renovation pending during the vacant period? Are you looking for a property management company? Or are you in the market for a new building manager? Supplement your lease management with Livit’s additional expertise:

We know the Swiss market

Our marketing specialists have extensive knowledge of the situation and developments in your region. We are on the road in town and country on a daily basis and speak your local language. We have branches in all economic hubs throughout Switzerland, giving us an unrivalled network. We can get to four out of five properties in under 20 minutes, and to almost 90% in under 30 minutes. This organisational structure is unique in the retail space marketing sector.

It’s all about choosing the right location

Do you own a retail firm and are you looking for a new location? We know how essential choosing the right location can be in making your business a success. You can rely on us to select the right location for your new head office.

We are your project managers when it comes to connecting vacant properties, owners, prospective tenants and interim tenants.

We look forward to learning more about your project.

We have time for you.
Feel free to contact us.

Matthias Brauchli Head of Letting Management