National yet regional

Our employees look after your properties on site, because they live and work in your region.

In addition to our regional knowledge, you also benefit from the decades of experience, broad specialist knowledge, and state-of-the-art digital tools and technologies that a national professional company like Livit offers.

We are represented in nine branches across Switzerland and can reach over 80% of our properties in less than 20 minutes and almost 90% in less than 30 minutes.

Switzerland – a unique country

As attractive as the diversity of Switzerland is, it makes managing cross-regional real estate portfolios even more demanding. Probably no other country in the world has supply and demand curves and legal bases that differ as greatly from region to region as Switzerland. The fact that rental costs can vary enormously from one place to another is unique.

This makes property management highly demanding, because a real estate specialist can only give you optimum advice if they have regional knowledge


Personal expertise and objective data

Our employees corroborate their regional market knowledge with well-founded figures, data, and facts from our business intelligence tools.

This means they don’t make subjective assessments as to whether the rent is in line with the market, but compare and confirm it with objective data. For example, we classify your properties based on 20 important parameters using the residential needs check. The Rent Calibrator also gives you the option, in addition to the location of your property, to include floor plan features that are often not taken into account when setting the rental price.