The Rent Calibrator – making the most of floor plans

The location of a property is examined in detail when setting the rent. While the features of the location are included in the assessment with numerous indicators, the features of the apartment itself are often not taken into account. Yet we know from our daily dealings with tenants that floor plan factors such as orientation, room arrangement, light level, and noise pollution also play an important role when looking for an apartment.

The same number of rooms, the same number of square meters, yet completely different.

A holistic view instead of location, location, location

The Rent Calibrator makes a holistic view of the location and the apartment objectively possible for the first time:

  • How bright is the apartment?
  • Do you have a beautiful view of nature from the living room or is the view severely restricted by neighboring buildings?
  • Can furniture be flexibly arranged or is there only one suitable place for the dining table? Is the apartment on the ground floor or on a higher floor?

These and numerous other aspects of the floor plan are objectively quantified. A total of over 100 quality criteria are recorded on the basis of a georeferenced 3D model. These numbers are fed into a machine learning-based pricing model. The combination of floor plan qualities and a large number of up-to-date market, location, and property data makes it possible to estimate market rents more accurately.

Added value for you

  • You receive more accurate rent rates that also take into account the quality of the floor plan
  • All floor plans are scanned, enhanced, and digitally saved in a uniform layout

Innovative partners

Livit offers the Rent Calibrator in an innovation partnership with Archilyse and PriceHubble. Archilyse is an ETH spin-off that specializes in the quantification of floor plan qualities. PriceHubble is a Zurich-based proptech company that uses large amounts of data for accurate property valuations and property insights through machine learning.

Rent Calibrator costs

Depending on the size of the portfolio, we offer you the evaluation per apartment starting at CHF 28.50.
We offer an evaluation of a pilot property from as little as CHF 55.00 per apartment.

Want to know more?

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