Quality is a mindset, not a conscious act

Anywhere humans work, there are going to be mistakes. Only those who have the courage to make mistakes also have the courage to try new things and innovate. We see mistakes and critical feedback as an opportunity to develop further and continuously improve our processes. In our state-of-the-art process landscape, the service processes are precisely defined and the procedures are regulated step-by-step according to best practice.

If you want to offer consistent quality, you have to be able to design and control quality.

Your needs are the starting point.

Our employees draw on their expertise and experience when communicating with our tenants and providing services for you and your tenants. 
They are supported by digital tools that enable processes, reports, etc. to be standardized, relieve employees of operational tasks that offer no added value, and ensure high-quality management.

Our goal is the highest possible customer satisfaction, which is why we regularly conduct satisfaction surveys. The findings from this feedback flow into the various optimization processes, which means that service quality is constantly improved.

You can find out more about Livit's digital tools here

If you have any questions about quality management at Livit or our other competencies, please do not hesitate to contact us.