Real estate segments

There are as many ways of managing real estate as there are individual properties. So the demands of property management are continually rising. When Livit looks after your property, it focuses firstly on your strategy, then on the type of property.

Managing residential properties

Today’s residential property management is nothing like it was 60 years ago. Innovations, primarily in the field of digitalisation, have totally changed the role of property manager, who these days is increasingly a specialist in particular aspects of property management.

Managing office and commercial properties

At Livit, specialised teams take care of office and commercial property management exclusively. The result is a win-win situation for property owners and tenants, as superior support for commercial tenants has a direct influence on rental success and consequently on vacancy rates.

Management of retail properties

In response to increasing demand for retail management, Livit created a retail competence centre which reports directly to the CEO. With the incorporation of Glatt, the largest shopping centre in Switzerland, Livit doesn’t just have access to a large network of potential tenants, it also benefits from comprehensive and proven retail know-how.

Student accommodation

The management requirements for student accommodation can be very specific. Operational concepts raise questions on topics such as furniture and cleaning. The structuring of rental charges is also different to residential properties. Livit boasts many years of experience in this specific segment.

Managing sites

Sites are often transformed industrial areas that are steeped in history with great significance for their town or region. Over many years, development of these sites creates the foundation for new neighbourhoods or entirely new districts which provide dense, sustainable, residential and working spaces in addition to green and recreational areas.

Our site management specialists deal with the diverse mix of uses comprising residential, work and leisure, and are the central point of contact for numerous stakeholder groups during development and operation.

Managing special segments

Special segments have specific requirements when it comes to property management. 

Depending on the tenancy agreement, parking spaces can be fundamental secondary elements of a property. Livit has experience in managing everything from individual parking spaces to the kind of complex multi-storey car park you often find in properties with multiple tenants. 

Undeveloped plots require a different kind of property management. In addition to security and accident prevention, the key focus is on finding a possible intermediate use is until the plot can be developed or built on in accordance with the relevant zoning plans. Livit can provide you with consultancy, analysis and customised marketing concepts for the development of this kind of plot.

There’s no single definition of property management. An office building has different requirements than a retail space or an entire site. Livit is at home in all segments and can deal with the specific requirements of your properties. We’ll help you get the most out of your properties – together, we can tackle anything!

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Roland Kilchmann Head of property management