Conscious data management:
the Livit demand score

The Livit demand score determines the ideal mix of marketing activities for your property and is used at Livit to market every property. Our goal is to rent your property out again as soon as possible when you change tenants.

Predicting demand

The demand score uses external and internal data to determine which and how many marketing measures will be effective so your property can be rented out as quickly as possible. 

The predicted demand consists of the estimated total number of inquiries from interested parties within the first seven days after the advert is placed. The higher the value, the fewer measures need to be implemented. However, if your score is below ideal, we can plan a strong marketing campaign.

How does the demand score work?

Based on a representative number of inquiries, we programmed an algorithm to recognize patterns in demand, taking numerous features of the property into account. From the combination of features, we can ultimately estimate how many interested parties will respond to the advert within seven days.

Consolidation of internal and external data

The data is made up of internal and external factors. The latter include, for example, accessibility, local recreation areas, the rental price compared to the average for the region, and infrastructure. Internal experience from previous adverts, as well as the informative value of the advert, complement the hard facts and thus enable us to make a realistic assessment of potential demand.

Planning the measures

Our marketing experts use the score to determine which measures will be most efficient for your property. A combination of regional online and offline measures ensure that the marketing budget is optimally invested and used in a results-oriented manner.

Advantages for you

Continuously measuring demand enables us to adapt measures promptly during marketing. 

  • Optimal mix of measures
  • High cost-efficiency is guaranteed
  • Minimization of vacancies

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about the demand score or have any questions about it, simply leave us your contact details.

We will be happy to get in touch as soon as possible.