Beatrice Lifart to become new Livit CEO

Beatrice Lifart (57) will take over as the head of Livit on 1 May 2024. She joined Livit as Head of Human Resources in the year 2000. As Deputy CEO, she boasts many years of experience and an impressive track record that will be of benefit in her future role. 

With Beatrice Lifart, the Board of Directors is demonstrating its commitment to stability and quality when it comes to Livit’s further development. 
While responsible for Human Resources, Lifart placed a strong focus on employee nurturing and development as a basis for a high level of customer satisfaction. As a member of the executive board and Deputy CEO, she made a significant contribution to Livit’s success thanks to her outstanding management skills. 

She proved her customer orientation and her knowledge of the industry by taking on various interim positions, such as Head of Construction Management. Beatrice Lifart has played a substantial part in the development of Livit and has continuously and with foresight positioned the company in line with changing market developments.

«Beatrice Lifart is a key factor in Livit’s current image as an innovative and future-oriented company. Thanks to her pronounced customer orientation and strategic vision, she defines standards within the industry.»

Hermann Inglin
Chairman of Livit’s Board of Directors