Pension funds rely on professional expertise

Real estate plays an important role in your investment portfolio. This is because real estate - like your investment horizon as a pension fund - is geared towards the long term and meets the requirements for intergenerational contracts.

However, real estate can also meet the need for sustainability - if it is looked after with the necessary expertise. While your competence lies in asset management, ours is in real estate management. 

Because our success is your success.


Broad and deep expertise is essential

In order to give sound advice, we have expertise in all specialist areas: in property management processes, through our specialist letting management team, and through construction experts focusing on sustainability. 

Our construction management specialists will draw up a well-founded status analysis with an action plan as the basis for the consultation. The implementation project will be planned and carried out by the accounting, property management, construction management, and facility management departments.

ESG and GRESB ratings as important indicators

We assist you in achieving a successful GRESB rating with the main criteria of stakeholder engagement and performance indicators, which cover almost 50 percent of the possible points.

Our cross-sectoral expertise is what makes this possible: the cooperation between property management and letting management contributes to stakeholder engagement, which accounts for 23.8 percent of the GRESB rating. Another 25.6 percent – the performance indicators – is influenced by the gradual lowering of the reduction plan, the optimal outcome of which is in turn achieved through cooperation between construction management and property management.


Our specialized letting team uses big data

Our letting management team includes over 60 experts, because a low vacancy rate is essential for achieving our financial goals.

Our letting team's knowledge of rent in line with the market is underpinned by facts, consolidating data from all systems and publicly available sources. This is only possible with a high degree of digitization. 

PDF documents are not yet a digital letting concept
Philippe Frei
Head of Letting Management
On the spot

People as the priority

Although Livit is a leader in the field of digitization, we put people first. In the real estate sector, it is important to have employees on site.

However, they must be relieved of tasks that don't offer any added value in order to have the time to visit properties and maintain contact with tenants. Livit utilizes a variety of digital tools to relieve employees of non-value-adding activities. 

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